These are the fantastic artists who were crucial with helping us create Message Of Love. We have posted these folks here not only as a thank you, but to share and encourage others to contact these great people to help with their own projects as well.

Bob St. John - PDQ Productions, Inc.

Bob is a Grammy Award Winning Mix Master and has recorded and mixed albums for such artists as Extreme, Duran Duran, Collective Soul, Nuno Bettencourt, Steven Tyler, The Beloved Few and so many more. Visit Bob's website to contact him about your project.


Chris Decato

Musician, producer, composer, and engineer. Chris has been in music his entire life. His association with Lisa & David began with his work on Sully Erna's Avalon solo project. You can contact Chris via email at csdecato@gmail.com

Dave Locke - JP Masters

Dave has been mastering music for labels and independent artists since 1994. His ears and aesthetic touch can be heard in a wide variety of musical genres for several notable labels and independent artists.


Kalinka van Ravestijn - Sketch Artist

From a small town in the Netherlands called Zoetermeer, Kalinka is the artist responsible for the amazing Message Of Love cover. She met Lisa & David during their Sully Erna tour of Europe in 2017. Kalinka is always interested in new challenges with her art and can be contacted via email at artbykalinka@gmail.com

David Young - Dry Eye Photography

David's passion with photography has lead him into the world of photographing musicians in action. His impressive portfolio is expanding constantly as is his client base. Visit David at his website and feel free to contact him from there.