Lisa & David - Message Of Love

The 12 Song Collection

  1. Spirits Of 7
  2. Sunrise, Awaken, Moment In The Day
  3. Alexandra When
  4. Hamesa
  5. Now And Forever (Something About You)
  6. Endless Weight
  7. Saint Cecilia
  8. On My Own
  9. Farewell
  10. Shine On
  11. What If We
  12. No Secret

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All songs written and © by Lisa Guyer & David Stefanelli
Produced and arranged by David
All instruments performed by David except rhythm guitar on Shine On played by Lisa
Spoken word by Drew Robertson
Engineered by Chis Decato and David Stefanelli

Recorded in New Hampshire in Decato's Mom's Living Room and also at The Cabin
Mixed by Bob St. John for PDQ Productions, Inc.
Mastered by David Locke for JP Masters
Cover sketch by Kalinka van Ravestijn
Photography by David Young

Lisa & David - Message Of Love (12 Song Sampler)